Document-Driven Web Framework and Platform

Docus provides a simple and intuitive experience to build blazing fast progressive web application powered by NuxtJS . The goal is to decrease the number of decisions the programmer has to make and eliminate the complexity of having to configure all and each of the areas of website development. The immediate result is that you can create many more things in less time by focusing on content. Building a website from an idea has never been so simple.

Write content

Write your content in MDC files (MDC = Markdown + Components) and discover why it's so intuitive. First of all, we believe that static data should stay in your project and not be store in a database. Secondly, the Markdown syntax is the best markup language that is appealing to human readers for creating formatted text. Lastely, Web Components is the missing part of the Markdown syntax to be interactive.

Customizable theme

Create content-less Vue components allows you to build fully customizable and reusable theme faster. Following the great Atomic Design conventions, Content files are using Templates (Vue components) to structure and style the website pages.

Production ready

Docus generates a production ready progressive web application powered by NuxtJS .

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