From a  passion  to a  company


The Founders

Alexandre Chopin and Sébastien Chopin discovered their passion for computers and web development deep within the Pyrenees Mountains (heritage reflected in the NuxtLabs logo if you haven’t noticed!). They taught themselves how to code as kids and designed websites at night, weekends and during school holidays.

They worked on their first external project together, creating a browser game website built with PHP, HTML, CSS and jQuery - this fortunately covered part of their college studies! They both had the entrepreneurial bug at this point.


The Company

NuxtLabs is born in 2017 few months after the production release of NuxtJS and the need of many companies for Nuxt training and consultancy such as Adobe, Accor, BackMarket, Bershka, Lequipe, Sephora, Ubisoft and many others.

In January 2020, NuxtLabs raised $2M (pre-seed) to build a team of Nuxt experts working full time on Open Source and business solutions around it.

The Team

Nuxtlabs Team 2021

NuxtLabs is a distributed company with a team based in 6 countries around the world.


Open Source Software

As developers, we believe in the importance and power of Open Source. Innovation in technology belongs to open source authors that have changed the path of companies - indeed many of careers have depended on them - Languages, Operating Systems, Frameworks and many more.

Most of NuxtLabs projects are open source and will always be.

  • Logo of NuxtJS
  • Logo of NuxtJS
  • Logo of NuxtJS

Intuitive Web Development

We craft software focused on developer experience to solve modern web development constrains such as Web Vitals, SEO, Hybrid rendering and more. Our goal is to provide web developers the simplest way to build performant and blazing fast website.

"Our goal is to provide web developers the simplest way to build performant and blazing fast websites."

Incredible investors

Since January 2020, we are proudly backed by amazing investors, thanks to First Minute Capital, Kima Venture, Eduardo Ronzano and Renaud Visage for supporting us with our mission.

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