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NuxtLabs is the bridge between open-source software development and enterprise-grade web services. We provide a complete set of solutions to every company that wants to harness the full power of Vue and Nuxt.

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Yes, we are Nuxt.

Nuxt and NuxtLabs were both founded by the Chopin brothers with a specific vision for each.

Nuxt is an independent, and community-driven open source software sustained by NuxtLabs.

NuxtLabs is a software company offering SaaS products and providing web services to complete the Nuxt user experience.

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Open Source Software helps you build wonders
but professional care makes them last forever.


Audit & Consulting

Our experts are composed with Vue, Nuxt or Vite core team members, when they are not the creators themselves.
This is the highest level of expertise that you can find.

Project outline

Set your project on the right tracks

Performance audit

Experience true efficiency and pure speed

Code cleaning

Enhance your delivery with best pratices


Design & Development

Our services are provided by the creators and maintainers of all our websites and SaaS products.
Our standards of quality for your project.

Project migration

Take the step without concerns

Application building

Focus on ideas, we handle everything else

UI/UX & branding

Reach your vision’s full potential


Level up to Nuxt 3

With Vue 2 end of life in January 2024, we tailor made this first workshop for experienced Vue 2 developers who want to quickly become operational with Vue 3 and Nuxt 3. Get the keys to make any migration project successful!

Straight from the Labs

We create softwares that provide the best developer experience, to help you deliver products with the best user experience.
Try them out, you’ll get addicted.

From a passion to a company

Alexandre and Sébastien Chopin have always shared a deep passion for web development and all the possibilities that it can offer. From that passion NuxtLabs was born in 2017.

Through the Open Source community, they progressively surrounded themselves with developers that would share the same passion for innovation and collaboration.

Now backed by amazing partners, NuxtLabs is a 20 people company that work towards innovation, with this intact passion from the first days.

Your wonders