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As passionate developers, we believe in the importance and power of Open Source.
Innovation in technology belongs to open source authors that have positively impacted the path of companies.

What we do

We craft software focused on developer experience to solve modern web development constraints.
Our goal is to provide the best way to build blazing fast modern websites.

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Our core mission at Nuxt is to make developers happy with an intuitive, open source framework to easily build fast and high performing websites and applications based on Vue.js. Our credo is "Convention over Configuration" to solve the difficulties involved in web development. Automatic vue-router configuration based on file system detection is the first and most popular feature of the framework. Thanks to the efforts of our community and contributors around the world, Nuxt has become a rock-solid framework to build any production-grade application. Every update has been made with the sole purpose of improving the performance and experience for all our users.



Today’s consumers want to visit websites, not physical locations. Create the kinds of digital experiences that truly show the world who you are and what you do.


Nuxt Pages load in milliseconds instead of seconds. Make your site fast by default, improving lead generation, higher revenue/ROI and your visitor experience.


Leverage the power of the latest web technologies including Vue and modern JavaScript to power your Frontend journey with best practices for your website development.

The Platform for
Open Source creators

At NuxtLabs, we've been working on lots of repositories with lots of different people for years. GitHub was never enough for us, the constant flow of issues and notifications always felt overwhelming, so we decided to create a new way to work. Volta is born from the spirit of open-source and makes it easier than ever. Volta helped the team to work collaboratively and to ensure sustainable development processes on our public and private repositories. Every features has been made with the sole purpose of improving the productivity and communication for all our Open Source software.

Who we are

We are a team of passionate developers that believe in the importance and power of Open Source.
Innovation in technology belongs to open source authors that have changed the path of companies.

From a Passion to a Company

Alexandre Chopin and Sébastien Chopin discovered their passion for computers and web development deep within the Pyrenees Mountains (heritage reflected in the NuxtLabs logo if you haven’t noticed!). They taught themselves how to code as kids and designed websites at night, weekends and during school holidays.They worked on their first external project together, creating a browser game website built with PHP, HTML, CSS and jQuery - this fortunately covered part of their college studies! They both had the entrepreneurial bug at this point.



Trail blaze the web and learn all along the way.


Think bold and push the web boundaries.

Open Source

Promote transparency and seek for collaboration.

Provide the best DX to
Deliver the best UX

Sébastien Chopin made his first commit for Nuxt.js on GitHub on October 26th 2016. The code base was born after we refactored an e-commerce website with modern open source web technologies. At the time, there was no documentation for server-side rendering Vue.js applications and the idea of creating a boilerplate and reusing the code base for other projects became clear. NuxtLabs is born in 2017 few months after the production release of NuxtJS and the need of many companies for Nuxt training and consultancy such as Adobe, Accor, BackMarket, Bershka, Lequipe, Sephora, Ubisoft and many others.

Our investors

NuxtLabs is an Open Source Software Editor backed by incredible funds and investors.
They understand our concerns and philosophy about Open Source and the importance of the community.

They believe in our vision

At the time we wanted to create a number of different open source projects and sell our services on the side whilst we had full-time jobs. However, we didn’t realise that what would ultimately become the Nuxt framework was going to take off so quickly and be so well-received by the developers community. After receiving amazing feedback at conferences, meet-ups and workshops we decided to go full-time on the Nuxt framework in January 2018. Since 2019 we met multiple funds and they understood our concerns around developing the commercial side of the business whilst staying true to the community which has helped build Nuxt into what it is today. We took our time with the fundraising process and made sure to evaluate the pros and cons before making the decision. Today, we are proudly backed by incredible funds and investors.