Crafting the best developer experience to build applications & websites with the best user experience.


Nuxt is an open source framework that makes web development intuitive and powerful. Create performant and production-grade full-stack web apps and websites with confidence.


Nuxt DevTools offer insights, transparency, and easy management of your Nuxt App's performance and configurations.


Write pages in markdown, use Vue components and enjoy the power of Nuxt with a great Developer Experience.


Plug-and-play image optimization for Nuxt apps. Resize and transform your images using built-in optimizer or your favorite images CDN.


NuxtHub is a deployment and administration platform for Nuxt, powered by Cloudflare. Deploy your Nuxt applications with a database, key-value and blob storage with zero configuration, on your Cloudflare account.


Nuxt Studio gives you a git-based editing experience with live preview for your Nuxt Content website. Opening a new way to collaborate between developers and marketing teams.

UI Pro

Nuxt UI simplifies the creation of stunning and responsive web applications with its comprehensive collection of fully styled and customizable UI components designed for Nuxt.

Official Nuxt Support

Our expert network is made of Vue, Nuxt and Vite core team members and contributors. The highest level of expertise that you can find.

Who we are.

We are open-source enthusiasts and are committed to making web development fun without compromising user experience and performance.
  • Sebastien Chopin
  • Celine Dumerc
  • Pooya Parsa
  • Sarah Moriceau
  • Daniel Roe
  • Benjamin Canac
  • Anthony Fu
  • Baptiste Leproux
  • Sylvain Marroufin
  • Ferdinand Coumau
  • Florent Delerue
  • Ahad Birang

Our values.


Trail blaze the web and learn all along the way.


Think bold and push web standards.


Promote transparency and strive for collaboration.

Our history.

NuxtLabs was founded by the creators of the open source framework Nuxt.

Nuxt is an independent and community-driven open source software sustained by the community and NuxtLabs.

NuxtLabs is a software and consulting company offering commercial Nuxt solutions for freelancers, agencies and enterprises.

They back us.

We are proudly backed by funds and investors that share our vision on building a company while staying true to our open source values.